Bathrooms rank high in importance during remodel considerations

Your bathroom is of course the most personal room in your home. If it needs remodeling, it's obvious that the objectives are to improve the character, enlarge the size or to add functionality. We can confine the work to the bathroom itself, creating a whole new personal space.

You may desire a soaking tub, a separate exotic shower, or a double vanity with vessel sinks and granite countertops. You may need privacy surrounding the toilet area. If storage is of utmost importance to you, we can add attractive built-ins and tailored vanities to fit your needs.

You may want ways to introduce natural light by providing a window, glass block, or frosted glass windows. We will accomplish all of this for you. Or you may require a whole new master suite with built-in closets. This requires moving walls and borrowing space, creating a whole new private world for you. No matter what your needs, we have the resources to meet them.