Hard surfaces are going nowhere anytime soon with regard to popularity and durability. They are also beautiful and add value to any home or office. Have you been thinking about removing the old carpeting and replacing with it wood flooring?

Consider your choices are plentiful and you can expect a good quality wood floor to last many years. What are some of the choices? Well, the best wood floors are made from those woods that are very common such as oak, maple and cherry. Ash and Mahogany are good choices as well and then there is Bamboo. You can almost get lost in the sea of choices.

If you want the look of wood without the care, we can install a wood floor that has the beauty of real wood but without the maintenance of real wood.

Our showroom is stocked with a fine selection of beautiful real woods and faux woods and we are confident you will find what meets your fancy especially with the assistance of our staff who stand ready to help you from the removal of your old flooring to the installation of your beautiful brand-new wood floors.