Unforgettable homes usually start with extraordinary kitchens

Your kitchen is the most important gathering place for your home and family. It is the hub of activity, a primary living space. Your family congregates there while food is being prepared, while homework is being done, where bills get paid and where most family discussions are held.

If you need to remodel within the footprint of your room, there are hundreds of things you can do to improve what's already there. If your counter space is limited, we will install a cooking island. Not enough room for a table and chairs - we will give you a built-in booth or banquette. We will solve your aesthetic and functional problems.

If your kitchen needs to be enlarged, we can break down walls, extend views to the outdoors and borrow from adjacent spaces. There are a number of occasions when adding on is the best answer - the house is too small, or you want to expand into the garden for more light and a pleasing view. We can break through exterior walls, add foundation, roof and extend the existing structure outward. We have the labor and materials to accomplish all of this.

No matter what you choose, we will ultimately guarantee you will have your dream kitchen.