The average life of a hotel room is between six or seven years - this is when most hotels initiate plans to renovate. It is crucial that motels offer the services and facilities that travelers want, and expect. First impressions can be lasting impressions. With more discerning guests on the horizon, it's time to consider a renovation.

The following questions may help when considering renovation:


  • Should I install a bathtub and a shower (separate or combined) or just a shower?
  • Should I install more mirrors?


  • Should I install a kitchenette?
  • What equipment should I include in the kitchenette?
  • Is a microwave oven sufficient or should I install a stovetop and regular oven?

Furniture and Fittings

  • Will a coat of paint be enough or will I need to replace the fitted furniture?
  • Should I install fitted carpets or an alternative, e.g. polished floors?

Outside appearance

If the fa├žade looks tired or dated, consider re-finishing it by altering eaves (the part of the roof projecting horizontally beyond the wall face) or windows.

To the customers, according to studies the key desirable physical features of hotels are:

  • Spacious layout (or appearance of spaciousness)
  • Plastered walls
  • Light colors
  • Good lighting
  • Facilities for the latest electronic equipment
  • Bright bathrooms
  • Kitchenette facilities.

Your customer base should increase and repeat once you've implemented the right cosmetic and structural improvements, adding to your return on investment.