Carpeting is a type of flooring that never goes out of style and with new technology and manufacturing processes, carpeting is better than ever!

Today's carpeting features more durability, texture and stain resistance than before.

Solid color and light color carpeting is always popular but carpeting with patterns and texture is more popular right now.

Carpeting can also be used alongside tile or wood flooring. The amount of foot traffic will help determine the best type of carpeting for your remodeling project. Of course, we will help with your remodeling project from design to construction so that you will really love the finished project.

Not all carpet is created equal. The type of loop and cut are important features to consider when making your selection. You should be able to rest your weight solidly on the flooring and feel safe and secure with ample padding below. The carpet should also be responsive and return to form.

Back to foot traffic. Let's be sure we also take into consideration future "foot-traffic" when making a carpeting choice; will there be children in the near future or mom or dad moving in? Increased traffic makes it necessary to always choose better carpeting than the lower-level offerings found at most "outlet" or "discount" stores.

Our design consultants will help you through your carpet selection process to ensure your buying and installation experience are second to none.